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Bamboo is being placed as a material with more future repercussion. Its high resistance and versatility, together with sustainable criteria, makes it as a great material for construction. One of the advantages is the rapid growth and its easy propagation. Those characteristics are very important because bamboo takes only six years to be adult, a clear advantage comparing it to oak tree, which takes about 50 years to be the same. Its propagation through rhizome avoids desertification, stabilizing the ground against raining landslides. Also has a positive impact in crops, because bamboo plantations avoid damaging crops due to wind power. And a part from this, it generates 30% more oxygen than trees.

It is a flexible and so strong material, even more than steel, which makes it so versatile. Walls built by bamboo are so much resistant to earthquakes, thanks to its flexibility, but if…

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Activista por el clima, no tengo otra alternativa.
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